Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent RIA?

 Independent RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) are a minority within the financial advisory industry. As an RIA, we are legally required to act in clients’ best interests; all other considerations, including our compensation, are secondary. That’s different from the vast majority of advisors, who are technically “brokers”—or in plain English, salespeople. Brokers are held to a looser standard of client care. And as an independent firm, we don’t face any pressure from a parent company to maximize profits at clients’ expense. 

What is a Fee Only Adviser?

 Our fee-only compensation structure is radically different from the sales commission-based compensation that dominates the industry. Clients pay us set, agreed-upon fees. In return, they get objective advice—not product-pushing. Our fee-only approach also helps to ensure that clients receive guidance on all aspects of their financial lives, not just investments. 

What services do you provide?

 We provide investment services but als a full range of planning, for goals including:

  • Investment risk management/mitigation
  • Retirement income planning
  • Assistance with Estate planning to “disinherit the IRS” and distribute assets according to your wishes
  • Social Security and pension benefit maximization
  • Meeting special needs for loved ones

To help develop and implement client plans, we draw on the assistance of a strong network of expert professionals in law, accounting and other fields. 

What kind of client do you serve?

Our clients have substantial savings or assets, are serious about planning and executing those plans, and are comfortable delegating the day-to-day management of their investments to us. 

What is your investment approach?

We develop recommendations that balance risk, growth and safety.   

Specifically, we allocate assets into “buckets” based on each client’s needs and goals. Liquid savings help to ensure that cash is readily available for living expenses and emergencies. An income-oriented bucket is designed to provide safe, predictable income. And a growth bucket serves to put longer-term money to work in the market. 

We are not static, “set it and forget it” investment managers.  We act proactively to seize opportunities and avoid obstacles in the market. We use no-load funds, stocks and EFT’s in our practice.