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Financial success is no accident: It’s the result of thoughtful, proactive planning. Frederick Advisors thorough, personalized planning process provides our clients with a clear, written, step-by-step roadmap to achieving their goals.


We believe that your advisor should know you, not just your assets. So we ask questions and listen closely in order to discover your current situation, your values and your concerns regarding all areas of your life. We’ll help you visualize and sharpen your goals, making them as detailed and concrete as possible.


Once we’ve learned all we can about you, our Financial Readiness Planning™ program helps us to develop the most effective and comprehensive plan to meet your objectives. With state-of-the art analytical and forecasting programs, we create a strategy that incorporates asset preservation, predictable income and growth. In conjunction with our member companies – Frederick Tax Pros and Liberty Insurance, tax, legacy and estate planning are also included in a complete solution for retirement and your other goals.


As an independent advisory firm, we can create and implement broader and more comprehensive solutions than the typical advisor. Our financial plans address a range of issues including:

  • Funding your goals.
  • Creating a stream of safe, dependable income.
  • Estate planning to “disinherit the IRS.”
  • Maximizing pension and Social Security benefits.
  • Distributing assets to heirs and/or philanthropic organizations.
  • Providing for any special needs or other family members.


Wealth Management

Effective investing can be pivotal in helping you achieve your most important financial goals. At Frederick Advisors, we use a disciplined yet nimble approach that is aimed at both protecting and growing our clients’ capital. We’ll educate you and show you how to avoid the mistakes that separate successful investors from the unsuccessful ones.


Exposing your assets to too much risk can be a costly mistake. Yet by definition, risk is required as the price of potential market gains. We manage safety and risk very simply—by dividing our clients’ retirement assets into three “categories” according to their goals and comfort level with risk. Our internal risk analysis tools enable us to quantify what others treat as a vague concept. To try out our risk analysis tool, click here.


This is money that’s readily available for living expenses and emergencies. It’s kept in cash or very conservative investments so that you need not worry about locking in market losses when you need to access your money.


After we create your liquid savings, we forecast your known sources of retirement income and your expenses. If gaps occur between your income and your expenses, we’ll develop a plan to provide a stream of safe and predictable income to fill those gaps.


Finally, with your savings and retirement income secured, we can put the rest of your cash to work in the market.We are sensitive to how costs impact our clients’ net returns. That is why we only use no-load funds and no/low-cost ETFs. For those interested in a more advanced investment approach, we also offer options trading.


Through our parent company, Royal Fund Management, Frederick Financial Group uses unbiased, disciplined, long-term investment strategies to provide as much growth for our clients’ investable assets as we can. 

We don't take a “set and forget” approach to portfolio management. As market opportunities and risks arise, we reposition clients’ investments to seize the opportunities and attempt to mitigate long-term downside risk.  

To be clear, we don’t attempt to “time the market,” because constant trading can become expensive and has been proven to be ineffective over time. But we do actively make changes when conditions are ripe. If an opportunity or risk arises in June, we don’t wait until after a September client meeting to take advantage of it. 

Our clients hire us to be watchful and grow their money. They trust us to make adjustments as necessary. Our flexibility and constant attention to the market helps those we serve to breathe easier when markets are shifting. This empowers you to stay disciplined and focused on your goals rather than passing headlines and industry "noise".