Why Choose Us?


Personalized Attention

We treat our clients as people, not simply files in a cabinet.  Our totally independent structure allows us to provide level of personalized services, options and strategies other firms simply can't match.  You are encouraged to call us at any time, for any reason (even weekends!).  Thinking about a large purchase, we can help you determine the best way to pay for it?  Changing jobs, adding new goals?  Our real-time tools can instantly show you how those changes could affect your financial plan.


Are We A Good Fit For You?

With 17 years experience in the financial services industry, we will leverage the latest technology, tools and industry experiences to create a comprehensive retirement blueprint.  We take you from concepts to the concrete.  We will work with you as much as necessary to ensure you fully understand your complete financial picture.

Our Process

Step 1: Discover


We Discover your financial situation, concerns, values and goals are unique to you and your family. In our discovery process, we soak up the details, learning everything that we can about your financial life. 

Step 2: Develop


 Based on our in-depth understanding of your situation, we develop an integrated, comprehensive financial solution. Our plans are designed to be thorough but clear and easy to understand. 

Step 3: Implement


Once you review and approve your plan and are completely comfortable with all the details, we put it into action. Certain recommendations can be implemented by Frederick Advisors. Others are implemented by expert partners, either yours or those that we recommend. 

Step 4: Monitor


 We don’t believe in a “set it and forget it” approach to financial planning. We regularly review and communicate your progress toward your goals. We’re always here for questions and concerns. And as your life circumstances or markets change, we make course corrections to your plan as warranted. 

Our Clients



Instead, we’ve chosen to serve a limited, select group of clients in order to provide each one the level of service and attention they deserve. While there is no rigid account-size minimum, we typically provide the greatest value for those with significant savings.Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, but share a determination to set goals and proactively work toward achieving them. They value comprehensive planning and wealth management, and they delegate the day-to-day management of their investments to us. We provide an obligation-free get-acquainted meeting to help determine if we are a mutual fit for each other. 

Our Fees


We are a fee-only investment firm legally required to act as fiduciaries for our clients. If you’re seeking objective financial advice, this is important.  We charge a fixed fee, typically as a percentage of the assets that we manage for each client. 

All compensation is clearly detailed, both orally and in writing and agreed upon at prior to the start of all client relationships.Because we’re paid by clients versus others who have revenue sharing arrangements with investment and mutual fund providers, our investment suggestions are based solely on what we professionally believe is best for you. 

In other words, we’re free to pinpoint and recommend the best products and solutions for you, period.Our independent business model also empowers us to provide comprehensive advice. Many advisors focus on investments only, because they earn commissions (from product providers) for selling investments. We, on the other hand, are free to focus on all your financial needs.Being a fee-only advisory firm means that we’re in your corner, committed to helping you achieve all your financial goals. 



Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisory Group

 d Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ is an exclusive organization of financial advisors dedicated to leadership in the IRA industry. The organization serves as a single resource for serious professionals, providing intensive, ongoing training and equipping them with cutting-edge tools and resources to help their clients. Our membership means our clients benefit from the most up-to-date information on IRA distribution rules and tax laws. If you have a question about your IRA, we know the answer. 


The Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association® is the principal professional organization for Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals, educators, financial services providers and students who seek advancement in a growing, dynamic profession. (FPA®) supports high standards of professional competence, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure when serving clients. 


National Ethics Association

 Since 2001, the National Ethics Association has helped business professionals build their businesses on a foundation of trust, ethics and best practices. NEA is committed to helping businesses serve their customers with knowledge and integrity by providing educational resources and content encouraging and promoting ethics in business and beyond. NEA is also devoted to aiding consumers with the increasingly complex task of conducting due diligence on business professionals. This results in greater peace of mind for skeptical consumers and also rewards those worthy of their trust.